Saturday, February 11, 2012


Velaanaage isbuilt on Houseing Compound of the Residence of the Velaanaage Famaly Who had Rendered invaluable service of Maldives. Descendants Velaanaage Dynasty became Prominent in public life of the Maldives, With Koalaadi sayyid Mohamed Holhinakha Malabaaree, whose ancetry was said to have Begum in Kerela, India. Summuwwul Ameer Ibrahim Nasir Rannaban' Deri Kilegefaanu (N.G.I.V.), The First President of  the second Republic of Maldives, Lived in Velaanaage. Velaanaage has been Built Anew After the Goverment  Acquired the Land  on 28 December 1998. Work on Building Velaanaage  was Begun on Tuesday, 17 Zul - Hijjaa 1426 - 17 January 2006. Velaanaage was Inaugurated on Monday, 14 Sha''Baan 1431 - 26 July 2010 by State Dignitary Henveiru Karankaage Ibrahim Rasheed.

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