Monday, May 14, 2012

Part I:Do I Know What I Read Daily!?

This part contains meanings of commonly recited Surahs,

parts of Salah, and everyday prayers (du'aas). We recite them

almost daily and Insha-Allah will keep reciting them as long as

we live. It is sad that many of us don't spare even a few

moments to understand their meanings. (Please note that

from surah 101 onwards, towards the end of this book,

meanings of almost all the words of each surah are given for

ease of memorization).

There are numerous benefits of working on these basics. Some of them

(insha-Allah) are:

• During the daily prayers, a Muslim on the average repeats about 150

to 200 Arabic words and numerous sentences. By memorizing this part,

you will understand all of them.

• You will feel a difference in your attention and concentration during

the prayers. You will have less disturbance and whispering from

Shaitan during the prayers.

• And as a result, your attachment with Allah will increase during the

prayers and as a whole in your life.

• It will serve as an excellent starting step towards understanding

Qur'aan (or this Lughat). It will make you familiar with Arabic

sentence structure and some Grammar indirectly