Monday, February 21, 2011

How can you help protect plants?

How can you help
protect plants?
*Support the work of organizations that protect natural habitat. Become a member, become an active volunteer, and make financial contributions to their work.
*Be aware of the location and significance of ecologically sensitive sites in your area. Lobby for their protection.
*Think twice about your impact if you're a nature photographer. Microclimate is altered by trampling and the removal of vegetation to change photo composition. Many populations of Ram's-Head Lady's-slipper have been destroyed by this abuse, even in nature reserves.
*Follow ethical gardening practices. If you garden with native plants, don't transplant from the wild. Make sure that the plants you purchase have been propagated and not collected (this is a problem in many countries - North American use of spring bulbs has resulted in the near extinction of some plants in their native habitat). The Canadian Wildflower Society (Box 110, 1848 Liverpool Road, Pickering, Ontario L1V 6M3) is active in promoting ethical uses of native species.
Homeowner's Guide to Plant Conservation>>

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